Adams & Co

  • 7x9 witch hat (WEBS) ntrl/bk/wh

    7x9 witch hat (WEBS) ntrl/bk/wh

    We just couldn't wait to share the magic this wood witch hat has to offer! It measures 6.75" x 9.5" x 2.25" and is a great piece that is ready to decorate. Designed as webs, this piece is�naturally made from durable wood bringing you the best quality.

  • 8x5x1.5 rvs wd frmd sn (FALLYHNTNG) whgybk

    8x5x1.5 rvs wd frmd sn (FALLYHNTNG) whgybk

    There's no trick for this treat! It is just a reversible wood-framed sign for your Halloween and Fall. One frame reads, "happy haunting�TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD FRIGHT!" while the other reads, "'TIS THE SEASON TO BE fally FALL. LA. LA. LA. LA". It...

  • 4.5x4.5x3 metal spider, bk 4.5x4.5x3 metal spider, bk

    4.5x4.5x3 metal spider, bk

    Add this Adams & Co's handmade spider to your home sweet haunted home! It is a great gift for any fans of spiders and would make a wonderful addition to your own home as well. It measures 4.5" x 4.5" x 3" and you'll surely brew up some Halloween magic...

  • 15x24 tea twl (CHLRFRM)

    15x24 tea twl (CHLRFRM)

    Tea towels are exclusively made to keep the teapot warm but it is also ideal for use to wipe the dishes. It is a combination of white, and black with the statement, "DOES THIS SMELL LIKE CHLOROFORM TO YOU?". Guaranteed durability, the materials used is...

  • Hello Fall Chunky Watercolor Sunflower Sitter

    Hello Fall Chunky Watercolor Sunflower Sitter

    The Hello Fall Chunky Watercolor Sunflower Sitter brings a beautiful watercolor style to the Fall season. The phrase 'hello Fall' in white type and script is found at the center of the sunflower. This sitter works great as part of a tabletop display,...

  • 3/Set, Harvest Wishes Blocks

    3/Set, Harvest Wishes Blocks

    The Harvest Wishes Blocks, 3/Set will bring a pop of Fall-time color to displays. This set of three blocks is finished in white with lightly distressed edges and features a small block with five rough, watercolor-style pumpkins. In orange script and...

  • Scarecrow Mouse

    Scarecrow Mouse

    Scarecrow Mouse is an adorable stuffed mouse that is perfect for the fall season. He wears a yellow felt hat and orange scarf, and he holds a pumpkin in one hand and a bundle of straw in the other. Measures 6�" high by 2" wide and 3�" deep.

  • Mossy White Stuffed Pumpkin, 5" x 6"

    Mossy White Stuffed Pumpkin, 5" x 6"

    Mossy White Stuffed Pumpkin is a weighted fabric pumpkin perfect for dressing up any display throughout the fall season. Pumpkin is covered in white cotton fabric and is accented by faux moss, a wooden stick stem with a curly dried vine tail, and brown...

  • Primitive Tan Snowman w/Hat

    Primitive Tan Snowman w/Hat

    Our Primitive Tan Snowman is stuffed fabric with cut out fabric squares for the buttons and face. This snowman wears a burlap hat with dried moss and a long rafia scarf. Will add a warm, rustic touch to a primitive winter collection. Measures 11.5" tall...

  • Mango Star Ornament

    7.5x10x.75 Mango STAR Orn Finished 2 Sides

    Hang this star-shaped reversible mango wood ornament in your home or office! It measures 7.5" X 10" X .75" and comes in neutral white colors. It is perfect for Christmas, Americana & the 4th of July, or even suits your everyday collections. Mango Wood is...